AML review services are an integral part of an AML program. An independent evaluation confirms your controls are effective and identified risks are legitimate. Our services provides you an industry expert that has actually performed your duties and managed effective programs. Our results of establishing compliance testing programs for Financial Institutions ($2billion to $270billion); serving as General Auditor for multi-billion banks; and resolving supervisory criticism (typically within 3 to 6 months) speaks for itself. When is your next examination? Setup a conference with Compliance & AML Solutions Today. These are a few simple reasons you should contact Compliance & AML Solutions:

  • Supervisory Agencies recommend changing your 3-party vendors every few years to ensure program reviews are effective.
  • Your cost exceeds the value of your current firm
  • Outsource your program to save expense and increase value
  • Establishing an audit/ review program
  • Wonder why your existing program keeps finding more issues?
  • your existing service provider is focusing on transactional risk over root causes and CMS design.

Monitoring reviews

Ongoing monitoring and 2nd-line reviews are a great way to place some gusto into your Compliance Management System. Our services may be devised to provide assurance past deficiencies remain in the past. The best part of establishing a monitoring program is the flexibility and intensity of the reviews. A small amount of ongoing monitoring elevates your program for having the control built into your CMS. Call Compliance & AML Solutions for your monitoring reviews.

  • Outsource your monitoring with Compliance & AML Solutions. Your CMS will be provide the Kudos for having a program, without the headache of FTEs and the need for another supervisor.
  • Reduce your cost for monitoring while increasing the effectiveness of your program.
  • The level of review, frequency, and depth of the program can be graduated based on your risk profile and need.
  • Leverage the ability to initiate a review with a simple phone call.
  • Your reviews may be once/quarter or once/year.

Buildout of Compliance Testing

Compliance & AML Solutions has provided leadership and guidance to many institutions with developing their own Compliance Testing Program. In the world of three-lines-of-defense, Compliance Testing is line 2.5. Typically a department or team within Compliance, that resembles an Audit function. Compliance Testing is an advocate for Compliance and a support function for the first-line. This team evaluates risk and controls to determine effectiveness. An institution would much rather an issue be uncovered by Testing than by Audit or an Examination. Testing can assist in the remediation. Once an issue is identified, your compliance managers/ officers take over to ensure controls are effective. Compliance & AML Solutions is available to provide proven design and controls for your Testing team.

  • Why re-create the wheel?
  • Proven successful implementation
  • End-results that receive acclaim from supervisory agencies
  • Easy, simple and effective processes
  • Provide education and sound reasoning for the program’s design
  • Establish a 3-year audit/ testing schedule
  • Conduct / participate in risk assessments