HMDA / CRA Data collection & review

Outsource your HMDA/CRA data collection, monitoring and review processes. All financial Institutions have difficulty keeping up with the various reporting requirements and changing data elements. Often your staff are unfamiliar with data collection software (e.g. CRAWIZ). Compliance & AML Solutions will review your loan documents and record data; optimize the use of CRAWIZ reporting software; and perform ongoing monitoring. Set up a conference call today to see how Compliance & AML Solutions can relieve stress on your team.

  • Cost effective solution that is less expensive than FTEs
  • Leverage our expertise on data collection and reporting
  • You are paying for software (CRAWIZ); let’s use it effectively
  • Design a process that is simple, effective, efficient for your team
  • Reduce FTE allocations by 2/3rds or more through proper design and effective use of software (e.g. CRAWIZ).
  • Proven solutions for banks like Regions Financial and smaller community banks (time-and-time again)

Fair Lending Monitoring

Our contract services provides ongoing fair lending, redlining and complaint monitoring. Evaluating risks and controls in these areas requires an experienced professional. Our services provide ongoing monitoring and reporting to mitigate your risk and increase communication with management. Engage Compliance & AML Solutions today to evaluate your program.

  • Fair Lending & redlining examination experience (Examining)
  • Fair Lending risk assessments
  • Pricing, underwriting, exceptions, redlining, geographic monitoring
  • Education and training on fair lending, redlining and personal bias
  • We know what we’re doing and understand the lack of production does not equal fair lending issues.
  • Completion and results within weeks, not months.

Compliance review/ monitoring (audit)

Compliance audits/ reviews are required controls of an effective CMS program. Deposit, Loan, vendor management, and CMS evaluations are conducted by an experienced industry expert. We provide effective audits/ reviews that are commensurate with your institutions size and complexity. Our recommendations are risk based and provide common sense expectations to comply.

  • We are Compliance professionals that actually worked at a financial institution
  • We understand risk and controls and place these in “real” life perspective
  • We provide common sense solutions to resolve any deficiencies
  • Provide ongoing Audit status reports to management (resolved/ unresolved findings) as the year and reviews progress.
  • More timely and cost effective solution for the financial institution
  • Leverage our examination based reviews to reduce the volume of internal audits (Audit reliance for larger institutions).

Compliance Training

Training designed to identify key controls and risks. Our training focuses on learning what you need to know to fulfill your duties. Short, focused training so your employees can get back to their duties.

  • Participate in our 2 hour training session that covers what you need to know about all lending based regulations. ECOA, FCRA, Fair Lending, Redlining, Flood, CRA, HMDA, RESPA, and much more. This one class may satisfy all your loan compliance training for the year.
  • Sessions and communications devised to address specific situations.

Next Steps…

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